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Карен П.: "я консерватор, не люблю менять даже зубные щетки. Но здесь нечто удивительное: кожа скрипит от чистоты. я люблю мыться чтоб до скрипа"
Mr Mikhailov: “I wanted a source of nice aroma for my bathroom. Tried Lush products but those smelled too gaudy. I needed something more classy, so I went with Mr. Murray's "Night out" shampoo bar with tobacco and vanilla notes. I really like it! I've been using it for weeks and the aroma is still there. I was surprised to discover a couple of small benefits of a shampoo bar over conventional shampoo. One is that you can apply it with one hand directly to your hare, compared to having to grabbing a bottle of shampoo with one hand, opening it with the other, pouring the shampoo into your palm, then closing the bottle and putting it back, before you can apply the shampoo. That's quite a minor thing, of course, but it does make a small difference for me. The other thing is that you can adjust the amount of foam you get on your hair. It's hard to to that with a regular shampoo because extra shampoo would flow off your head and into your eyes. With a shampoo bar, the more you rub it on your hair, the thicker foam you get, and it does not get into your eyes. Having an extra thick foam is quite enjoyable. Gonna try it on my kid too. On the downside, I've found the hair to be kinda dry to the touch after using the shampoo bar, compared to a slightly creamy feel after a conventional shampoo. But Mr. Murray's has specific instructions to treating the hair after applying the shampoo bar. I'm not following those instructions since I've already had a habit of using hair conditioner after washing, which restores the creamy feel without compromising the classy aroma. It's pleasant to know I'm using a product made with all natural ingredients. Very excited to try out other aromas. Oh, and it makes a great gift too”!
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